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Monday, November 23, 2015

Scripture-a-Week: Greed, and Counseling the Lord

It has been more than a week, and I'm not faced with any burning questions, but this seems related to things that are happening.

Which does the Lord come down harder on?

Rich people who don't share what they have?

Is what you have really not enough?

Poor people who are greedy for things they don't have?

Is what you have really not enough?

People who think they know more than God?

Is what you are doing with what you have pleasing to God?

Are these things related?

Is material success really all that meaningful?

What do you think?

Should you really take pride in success?

What should we do, if neither poverty nor riches save us?

Which is more important, looking cool or really helping other people? Can you do both? Should you go out of your way to try to both?

The scriptures I'm seeing as related here are

Doctrine and Covenants 56: ca v 14-17

and Jacob 2: ca 13-21.

Oh, and Luke 6: ca 24-38.

And it's worth reading before and after, of course. 

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