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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Trivia: How Was Jesus Perfect?

I suppose I may be the only one who thinks this worth commenting on, but Jesus was not perfect the way the people around him wanted him to be perfect.

To the religious leaders, He was the exact opposite of what they wanted in a messiah. They wanted validation of their excessively detailed versions of the law of Moses, and the social structures and authority that they had built on top of those detailed versions of law.

To those among the Jews and their friends who hoped for a repeat of David's political kingdom, again, he was anything but perfect: too willing to let the things of Caesar be Caesar's, too focused on individual freedom and responsibility. And what did repentance and faith have to do with revolution and war?

To the impressario, the Iscariot, He was too casual about money and too willing to let publicity take a back seat.

To His mother and His assigned guardian, Joseph, He was often too casual about artificial schedules and social expectations.

We only have unsubstantiated and misreported or even mistaken tradition to tell us about how his childhood friends and playmates might have viewed him, but, from their reactions as His miracles and preaching became well know, we can tell that His childhood did not force them to believe that He was superhuman or such.

And so forth.

He often told his followers, supporters, detractors, friends, and family that He would only do what the Father showed Him. That was what He did perfectly.

Bends your mind.

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