I am just another member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints airing my personal opinions.
This "hands-on" is in the form of what we call a personal testimony.

My personal ideas and interpretations.

I hope it's useful. If not, I hope you'll forgive me for wasting your time.

Above all, don't take my word for the things I write. Look the scriptures up yourself. Your opinion of them is far more important to you than mine.


To make it a hands-on introduction, you'll need to read the scriptures I point out, and think about them. Pray about the truth of the scriptures if you think it's a good idea to do so.

Don't pray about whether what I'm saying is correct. Remember that this blog is the work of an ordinary man, still this side of heaven. My explanations will miss the mark on occasion, or may not be appropriate for you.

This is probably the best order to read this in:

  • Foreword (If you aren't familiar with the word, "Mormon", start here. Otherwise, start here anyway, unless you are in a real, big hurry.)
  • Preface、Part 0 (Don't skip this. It contains a lot of my fundamental assumptions. If you get confused, come back here.) 
  • Preface, Part 1, important details on Faith. 
  • Preface, Part 2, a brief introduction to Repentance.
  • To be continued, as I have time.

Here's the blog post where I try to explain what I'm doing here.

Back to the current blog entry.

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